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Beauty is Pain

Why, as men and women, have we become accustomed to accepting such sadistic means as a sacrifice for ‘looking good’?

Why is it that, only now, at the dawn of this new decade, have fashion brands started realising that consumers don’t want to suffer for fashion? I’d argue that Mr Kanye West flipped our expectations on their heads when he released his design behemoth Yeezy in 2015 (although I’m sure the models at his scandalous Season 4 debut would argue that they were not very comfortable). Ye shocked the world with his utilitarian, body conscious fits that, coupled with shoes that were either comfort personified or heels that fell apart on models feet, seemed to encompass the attitudes of shoppers the world over.

We want fashion, but we want to be comfortable. 

And this is a movement we have seen progress over the last five years. High Street brands have worked their hardest to emulate the success of Yeezy with hoodies, t-shirts and joggers in neutral tones. And in recent years progressed to the deep plum and cherry tones of the more recent Yeezy collections.

One has to ask, is this the only way that we can access comfortable fashion? By copying Yeezus? Whilst it is true, that here at Morcant we love a hoodie as much as the next person, our aim is to elevate looks to make casual wear a thing of the past. Why can’t every moment be a smart-casual moment? So our philosophy means that rather than styling a Hoodie with the accompanying joggers. Why not pull on some slim fit trousers and a blazer? Paired with a simple white Stan Smith and tousled locks this is an outfit that screams in equal parts, ‘Comfortable Business-Wear’ and ‘Instagram Me!’

Or if that does not take your fancy how about sizing down on a Morcant t-shirt and pairing it with a pair of flowing palazzo trousers and slip on mules. Add an alpaca wool cardigan and you are ready for brunch in your favourite coffee haunt.
So you see, you don’t have to wear a tonal uniform to be comfortable (although we won’t judge you if you do - you do you). All you need is a thought out outfit centred around comfortable materials and what could be more comfortable than the Organic Cotton of Morcant’s Collection 3 pieces?

Gone are the days of discomfort.