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Must it all go? - Minimalism

Gone are the days of holding each and every one of your socks and deciding if they are worthy of your joy. We present to you a new way.

It’s a new year and with the dawn of the new decade comes the annual push to make and keep resolutions. Whilst some may endeavour to make it to the gym more, learn a new skill or cook more meals at home, the fashion savvy amongst you may feel the need to throw out your unnecessaries and join the legions of minimalists that are popping up over social media.

Whilst minimalism is not a new movement, it was with the release of the hit series Tidying Up With Marie Kondo that really catapulted the movement into the mainstream. That’s because Marie Kondo had a refreshing way of looking at minimalism. Previously being a minimalist meant sitting on hard floors because upholstery was deemed ostentatious. Or, having to follow 30 day rules or challenges set by a YouTube personality to be seen to be woke. Then in waltzed Marie, she told us that we should analyse our belongings, hold them in our arms and ask ourselves if that item sparks joy. If it did, we got to keep it. If not, we thanked it for its service and donated, gifted, or threw away the joyless sucker.

Now, we at Morcant gladly gobbled this system up, donating masses of clothing that no longer sparked joy into our lives, and all was well in the world... until we realised that all those wool hats that we threw away in the heat of summer were greatly needed when the frosty mornings came. 

We realised quickly, that whilst we strived to be minimalists and have our homes free from clutter, these prescribed ways to achieve our dreams were not working.  

This is why we present to you a new way. Gone are the days of holding each and every one of your socks and deciding if they are worthy of your joy. We think that minimalism should be achieved not over 30 days, but over a life time. Your goal when buying clothing, or furniture or even groceries should be minimalism. And not the prescribed, you should only own 2 pairs of trousers minimalism you see on your Instagram feed, but the minimalism that reflects how you live your life. If you are a keen cook for example, a formula that states you may only own one pan, one pot and a white bowl may not sound too appealing. What if I were to tell you, you can keep your cupboards full of crockery and stoneware, you can even buy that cast iron skillet you have been lusting over and still be deemed a long as you are actually using your gear. 

That’s the key, honesty. 

The same goes for your clothes. If you own 365 pairs of shoes and wear a different pair every day you can still be a minimalist because you are using your collection! Too many of us have things for the sake of having them. We buy clothing, accessories, food, homeware for the sake of it. Just so we can spend the money, flex on insta and then never pick up that item again. This is the world view that we have been sold. 

But we are here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be this way. As long as we are conscious of our purchases, that means knowing why we are buying something, when we will use it, how often we will use it and the impact that that product has on the planet. Then we can be happy consumers. 

Morcant Hoody in Sand

When we developed Collection 3 this was the framework that we had in mind. We made it our priority to curate items that would last, that could be worn day in day out that didn’t cost the earth. 

No prescriptions, no rules...some joy.

Morcant Johannes.