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Reflecting on the Future of Fashion.

I think it’s fair to say that the world has been pretty upside down this year. 

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Even though humanity has faced many crises in our time on earth - two World Wars, the Great Depression, the market crashes of the 80’s and 2008, the SARS epidemic - no event has impacted every facet of our lives like the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. Each and every country, individual and industry has been affected by the events of this past year, often for the worse. Being an independent fashion brand, we have definitely felt the pinch of 2020 but have found solace in the solidarity that exists in our online communities of customers, fans, and even other brands. 

coronavirus pandemics effect on the fashion industry

(Image courtesy of Time Magazine)

British Vogue recently published an article claiming that “not since the Second World War has the fashion industry been impacted in such a way”. And looking at the statistics we can’t help but agree. Lockdown, furlough and mass job loss has halted the sales of clothing and fashion, with many high street chains facing administration and redundancy. 

 “The Centre for Retail Research predicts that over 20,000 stores will close permanently across Britain this year."

The move to working from home has shifted consumer attitudes towards the clothes they wear with joggers, loungewear and ‘comfies’ seeing a spike in sales whilst traditional ‘workwear’ attire has slumped. This decline in demand has hit fashion at all levels with big fashion houses slashing the amount of shows they produce this year and - with Covid restrictions playing a crucial factor - even delivering the shows they do produce in different ways. 

Saint Laurent pulled out of the 2020 shows completely back in April and Gucci has gone ‘seasonless’, some houses are blending men’s and womenswear together, something at Morcant we have been pioneering for a while. 

Post-lockdown 67% of surveyed consumers consider the use of sustainable materials to be an important purchasing factor.”
(Figures provided by Mckinsey)

Whilst the world has been in crisis, the fashion industry has been looking inwards and has had the opportunity to analyse the way it does things. There has been no better time to change the industry for the better. 

“We are aware that there is no magic wand to wave that will fix the problems surrounding sustainability. What we can, as a brand, do is make sustainable choices about suppliers, packaging and materials that will aid in the plight to save our planet. Alongside thoughtful purchases that are made by our customers, we can continue to improve one step at a time.”

At Morcant, where our standards are already pretty high when it comes to sustainability, we have been sourcing better materials, have been researching more sustainable practices and collating a new collection to celebrate the end of this year that should be launching just in time for Christmas. 

For us this is a natural process. The Morcant team focus heavily on design and curation so that our customers never have to sacrifice sustainability for style as we believe that this outlook is key to the progression of the fashion industry. If we can prove that shoppers can purchase from ethically minded brands without compromising their high fashion look then we must, as adopting this mentality will transition to a better future for fashion.

“Online sales grew 76% in July globally.”

As a team we have been working to rediscover simple pleasures, the joys of fashion and what that means in 2020. For us that’s finding what makes you feel good. As a brand we stand by helping the planet and those who make our products. This is a journey that is constantly moving forward and changing its course as developments alter. All we know for sure is that for us, the pleasure of fashion comes from knowing where and when our clothes were made and who by. And that will never change.

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