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The Packaging Process

The devil is in the details, so they say.
So for the Morcant team we knew it was imperative that we nailed our packaging solutions so that our clothing made its way to you in the best way possible.
Morcant sustainable packaging solution - finished process
For starters, we knew it had to be sustainable, no heavy-duty, plastic bags here!
Instead we selected high quality cardboard boxes that are sustainably sourced and FSC certified. They have even been printed with eco friendly, vegetable and water-based inks! (How about that!) Even our finishing touches are carbon conscious and 100% recyclable.
Morcant sustainable packaging solution - process
However, it’s not just the materials that make good packaging. We ensure that our products are cared for correctly by making our packaging process a … well, process. Each item is parceled up and individually wrapped by a member of our team to our high specifications. You can see who has packaged it by looking on your tag! Then, before the lid is sealed, we include a garment care card so that you know how to best look after your new garments. Following these guidelines will help you to get the most wear out of your clothes!

Our process is in place to make sure your purchases are treated with the utmost care. Please remember  to reuse and recycle your packaging when you have finished with it!

For more information about garment care follow the link below:
Morcant sustainable packaging process - care