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Our Re-launch story.

A huge welcome to the new and improved Morcant!

A lot has changed in the 6 months we have been away. The fashion landscape has changed drastically, with everyone from couture houses to consumers being made aware of the effect of fashion on the environment.

Here at Morcant we felt the push, the drive to take this news personally, to adapt our policies and produce sustainable clothing, designed and finished in the United Kingdom to tackle the Carbon emissions we, as a small business, were contributing to.

When Morcant was conceptualised in 2017 it was very different from the polished and professional image that we see today.  The team were a bunch of University students cramming in photoshoots between seminars and lectures.

“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” - Winston Churchill.

We knew that there would come a turning point in the company. Unhappy with the direction that the business was taking, we took some time to refine our image, remind ourselves of our core values to ultimately come back stronger than before.

And here we are 6 months later with a new and improved team, a refined sense of self and added determination to bring the best products to our customers. We have worked closely with new British manufacturers in order to improve upon our already famed quality.

With this re-launch you will find pieces that stand the test of time, our own versions of classic fashion choices, for the modern-day consumer.

We have also dedicated ourselves to creating unisex clothing, ensuring to include everyone from all walks of life in our story. Our clothing has been designed with this in mind. 

To be inclusive of all, we have endeavoured to create clothing free from gender boundaries. Clothing that is not restrictive, clothing that travels easily from the office to the street. We have been heavily influenced by the minimalist movement, that finds beauty in the simplicity of life. We have endeavoured to create clothing that you will not want to throw away after a season. Rather, clothing that improves over time, that works with and in fact enhances everything already in your wardrobe.

As the team has grown, we felt the need to mark the transformation with a visual change, a brand-new website and improved socials. To those of you who are familiar with the brand, you will notice that we have adapted our name, slim-lining it to represent the new attitudes we have adopted within the company.

We hope to provide you, the reader, with curated articles that add value to your shopping experience and inspiration for your wardrobe. 

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