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Reducing the spread of COVID-19

Dear Customers,

We realise that these are scary and confusing times that we are living in. Not since the days of the World Wars has the world seen such levels of uncertainty. As a company, we are feeling the effects of the Covid-19 virus and are endeavouring to ensure that our small business is not hit too badly by the cataclysmic events of this pandemic. 

It is to you dear reader that we advise to follow any Government/GP/Employer advice when it comes to your daily life. Making sure that we are safe, protected and not putting others at risk is the only way that we can help stop the spread of this virus. So please ensure to think sensibly about your daily routines.

As a company we are halting all face to face contact with other Team Members and are transitioning to remote technology to ensure the safety of everyone at Morcant. We will also postpone all upcoming photoshoots and external visits until a time that the government deem it acceptable to rearrange. All team members are available to contact, should the need arise due to these measures. We want to make you aware that our clothing is safe to purchase and will still continue to be shipped worldwide. Please keep up to date with your postal services to ensure you know when to expect your parcel if you are affected by postal quarantine.

We feel that now especially, it is important to support local/small businesses so we would like to offer a discount to all customers amidst this strenuous time. Entering the code: comfort at the till will entitle you to 10% off at the checkout.

Again, we would like to stress the importance of listening to official advice and keeping yourself safe by making sensible decisions. Please wash your hands and remember to check in with any high risk friends/family.

Stay safe,

from all at Morcant.