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Morcant creates season-less, branded essentials for your capsule wardrobe.
Bridging the gap between feeling good and looking good, we provide versatile alternatives to fast fashion, encouraging ‘thoughtful consumption’ by investing in quality garments that are there for the long haul. We demand more from the clothes that we wear everyday, championing that premium shouldn’t mean stiff and that comfort is not careless.

Our pieces are consciously crafted to enhance your effortless style, focused on elevating your off-duty daywear and functional basics. 
Morcant clothing is comfortable by design, embodying the concepts of a minimal lifestyle and sustainability in a hectic world, we wanted to curate relaxed silhouettes, with a clean image and signature branding, suitable for any professional scenario. By adding comfort to your smart-casual attire, we aim to develop clothing just as beneficial for the everyday commute and city strolls as your after-hours downtime and weekend drinks.

Morcant organic tshirts photographed in the midst of eucalyptus

Although built for the versatility of everyday city life, our clothing is very much inspired by nature. Driven by a desire for sustainable fashion and fair pricing on conscious garments, we aim to provide our customers with the highest quality for the fairest price. We only use ethical production with WRAP, Oeko-Tex and/or Fair-Wear certified factories and aim to limit environmental impact in every detail, from the use of certified eco-friendly fabrics (GOTS, GRS) and small batches (to minimise waste) to plastic-free packaging (FSC certified recyclable materials) and garment longevity (to minimise consumption). By creating quality gender-free pieces that won't go out of fashion you can ensure that your Morcant clothing will stand the test of time - made with love, to be loved.

We know we are far from perfect but by ensuring we make conscious and meaningful decisions about who we work with and the clothes we provide, we can do our best to respect both the consumer and the planet.

Read our Corporate Responsibility and Garment Care pages to find out more about our production, standards and values.

Morcant comfortable and versitile essentials, artistically pictured on reflecting glass table

‘The Sea Wolf’

Our brand emblem represents strength, loyalty, resilience and nature. Not only do they support each other faithfully as part of a pack, they also show true vigour away from the crowd. They are admirable creatures who have stood the test of time, forming the basis of many timeless classics. For these reasons and many others we are proud to represent ourselves through the wolf silhouette. More specifically the sea wolf, due to their reminder of the need to adapt in a world with limited resources.


Morcant, derived from Welsh, meaning Sea Circle. We felt this equally represents our brand and our message. The comforting tranquility and consistency of the sea, combined with the never-ending goal to create a circular lifecycle for the garments we wear.

 The Founders of Morcant enjoying coffee in Londons Somerset House

Matt and Morgan - The Founders of Morcant

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