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Garment Care

Don’t worry, looking after your clothing properly doesn’t take any time at all. All you need is a little love and attention.

Taking care of your clothing can help the planet. 

We want to ensure our customers can enjoy their clothing for more than one season. That’s why we designed our collections to encompass timeless style rather than quick trends. Our minimal branded pieces will fit your wardrobe any season any style and if cared for correctly will be an indispensable essential from the first wear.

The most sustainable solution is simply to minimise consumption. The least environmentally friendly garment is the one you need to replace every month. This is why we believe that premium quality and timeless fits are key for an eco-friendly, slow fashion industry. We do our best to follow a design philosophy encompassing these values, providing clothing with no ‘best before’ date. Choosing to invest in better pieces that provide value to you and your wardrobe is a great start, but to maximise the sustainable potential they need to be cared for respectfully. Getting the most out of your clothing through good care and simple repair will help minimise waste, reduce the need to buy more and save you money.

Our goal is to perfect the wardrobe essentials, for all genders, whilst minimising our environment impact wherever possible. We ask that your goal is much simpler. Look after your clothes in order to make them last, so the planet can remain healthy for longer.

Buy better. Keep forever.